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Sweetwater Creek Ranch, LLC

Policies Regarding:
Deposits, Booking Hunts, Kill Fees, and Requirements Of Hunters

IMPORTANT! You and each member of your hunt must fill out and sign a copy of the SCR Waiver. Click here to read and print the waiver. You will need Adobe Acrobat 6.0 to view it.


1. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

2. Pricing is subject to change without notice any time prior to reserving a hunt.

3. A hunt is reserved when a hunter commits to sending a deposit.

4. A deposit shall be 50% or more of the basic cost of the hunt.

5. Reserved hunts are held for 7 days only to allow for deposit delivery.

6. A hunt is not booked until a deposit is received and clears the bank.

7. Once booked, the terms of the hunt are considered final, unless all parties agree to any changes.

8. A deposit may be made by check, cashier's check, or money order.

9. Deposits will be made out to Sweetwater Creek Ranch LLC and sent to 5914 Smoke Glass Tr, Dallas, Texas 75252. Please include a note as to what hunt and the dates the deposit applies to, along with contact information so we can send you a confirmation letter.

10. A deposit is the hunter's assurance that he will make the hunt.


1. If a hunt is canceled by a hunter(s), there will generally be no deposit returned. Please understand we do not want anyone to be out of their money but long before you come to hunt with us, we are preparing for your hunt and this will cost us time and money.

2. If we cancel the hunt, all deposit monies will be returned.

3. We will not be responsible for monies spent by hunter(s) for hunt preparation prior to our cancellation.

4. The balance due on the hunt is to be paid in full by check, cashier's check, or money order upon arrival at the hunt site unless prior arrangements have been made.


1. Kill fees are due at the time of the kill unless prior arrangements have been made.

2. A kill is any animal leaving a blood trail, whether recovered or not. NO exceptions to this policy.


1. While on the hunt, all participants are expected to act in a safe and sportsman like manner at all times.

2. Anyone not acting in a safe and/or sportsman like manner in the opinion of any Sweetwater Creek Ranch LLC staff member may be made to leave and no refund of any kind will be offered.

3. All participants will obey all State and Federal Game Laws.

4. Drinking or possession of any type of alcohol will not be allowed prior to or during a hunt.

5. A liability waiver must be signed by all non-staff participants prior to any hunting related activities occurring.

6. Shooting any type of gun including bb guns will not be allowed on lodge property except for skeet shooting with a Sweetwater Creek Ranch staff member.

7. Firearms are not allowed in the lodge.

8. Storage of birds is the hunter's responsibility.

9. Any participant who brings a dog is responsible for their dog. Dogs are not allowed in the lodge and will be kept in a kennel or dog box when on lodge property. We have dog kennels at the lodge so please ask about availability when booking your hunt. Sweetwater Creek Ranch is not responsible for your dog.

10. Our lodge is a no smoking facility.

For more information, email us at BookAHunt or go to the
page for more info.

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